Day 6

November 7, 2008


A bowl of milk and cereal.

Went for an eye exam in a run-down part of South Los Angeles (why? can’t beat the price.) On my way back home, I had the oddest feeling. I was hungry, but my stomach wasn’t growling or anything – I felt woozy and wanted to throw up. At the time, I could not figure it out. Now that I think of it, it probably had/has something to do with this food project.

Went shopping. Bought a large pack of instant noodles for $0.49 because I needed instant gratification. In retrospect, I should have waited, and not spent those almost-fifty cents.


$0.39 – kiwi
$0.49 – instant noodles
$0.69 – cucumber
$2.39 – pack of three avocados

I could have done without the avocados. But my meals are getting boring, and I’m going to make sushi bowls.

Horrors – I suspect I will sail over $30 this month. Must prevail.

DINNER (as soon as I got back from my eye checkup and grocery trip)

That $0.49 pack of noodles. Added some bok choy to the boiling water/noodles. While waiting for the noodles to cook, I ate the kiwi. At the time, I thought I was low on sugar.


Spaghetti. The last of it. If I get more, I should dilute the sauce or something to make it stretch. It’s a thought.

Also, I’m in the middle of cleaning my junkyard bedroom. Found my camera!


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