Day 10

November 12, 2008

So I have no more soy milk.


Rice, avocado, hotdog.


Dry cereal, while waiting for rice to cook. And then more rice, avocado, and the last of the hotdogs, I’m sure.


Rice and avocado. FYI, I haven’t been eating an avocado with every meal. Just about an eighth or a fourth.


I think that I could spend a lot less. A bag of rice would last me more than a month. A bag of bok choy each week ($1.25 x 4), a box of cereal and a carton of milk every two weeks, and then a $2 or $3 item each week, to go with the rice. That would be the Absolute Minimum, I think. Maybe I should do that in December.

Also. While watching TV, the food ads look really, really good. But at the same time, they look so … overwhelming. They’re in such enormous amounts, and they glisten with seasonings, dressings, and whatnot. After my semi-plain diet (rice + boiled veg + hotdog), all this highly-seasoned stuff seems kinda gross. I started to taste how salty the hotdog actually was. And right now, I really prefer the plain taste of rice and boiled bok choy. The bok choy is boiled, that’s it. No seasonings, no salt for taste, nothing. I’m surprised that I like it. Me, dislike seasonings?

The newspaper came in with a bunch of grocery store flyers, and a coupon flyer for one of those fast-food chains. I tossed out the coupons, even though they seem to be really good deals and will only be expiring in February. Why? Because I now fully realize (I’ve known before, realized before, but never fully appreciated it) that getting myself full on a home-cooked meal (however badly prepared) is REALLY cheap compared to a $3 fast food item. And the $3 item isn’t enough to fill you up, anyway.

I found myself going through the grocery store sale flyer, though. I used to think I could never decipher those things, and would just keep an eye out for the sale signs around the store. Wow, they have really good stuff for cheap in the flyers. It baffles me why I’ve never done this. I can only chalk it up to laziness.

Haven’t really been taking pictures of all my meals. They’re pretty much the same. All photos so far have been of the same rice, avocado, and hotdog meal. This makes for really boring photoness.


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