Day 13

November 14, 2008


Rice, tofu, and the last of the second avocado. One avocado to go. Should last me about a week.

And yesterday, didn’t get around to making an entry. Here it is, in a nutshell: Rice and tofu. With some hot sauce, because it was way too bland. And this is what it looked like:



Dry cereal. I should get milk. But there’s no room in the budget. I’m hoping I’m getting enough calcium from tofu.


Rice and tofu. I suddenly realize that I need more fiber. Time to cut up the cucumber. Don’t feel like doing it right now, I have no spare storage containers. Tomorrow, maybe. Or a late-night snack of cucumber slices.


This fried tofu deal probably isn’t very healthy. Maybe I should try boiling or steaming. (But then it would be really bland?)

I haven’t been faithfully photographing my meals. Taking a photo of what is essentially the same meal, two or three times a day, isn’t very exciting.


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