Day 17

November 18, 2008

Breakfast was … different. A friend offered to buy me breakfast. Hey, that means no money on my part, right? So I said yes. Is this cheating? Maybe, maybe not.

Yes, I’m cheating – I’m not adhering to The Rules. What if I had no generous friends?
No, I’m not cheating –  If I really didn’t have any money and a friend offered to buy me breakfast, I’d be a fool not to take it.

It was one of those McDonalds breakfast combos: a hash brown patty, a bacon-egg-cheese biscuit, and coffee. I know it was free and all, but it was probably the most disgusting meal I’ve come across. Not because I’ve never tasted it before, but probably because my taste buds aren’t used to it?

The patty was … really greasy. And I could taste the oil, and it was tangy. (Tangy?! How??) The biscuit was hard and oily, and the coffee was really bitter (coffee is bitter to begin with, though…). I’m going to stay away from fast food for a long, long time. When I go back to it, it’ll be because it’s 5 am, I’m on the road, and I need something now. Oh, and the price! $3.99 for that meal. I could’ve bought so much more for the same amount of money. A bag of bok choy ($1.25), a container of tofu ($1.39), and a pack of chicken franks ($0.89 … even though I now hate chicken franks).

It’s lunchtime now, and I don’t feel like eating. I’ve eaten bigger, simpler breakfasts this month, for less money. And that felt much better, or that I didn’t feel at all.

Current wishlist: A satisfying breakfast. None of my breakfasts have been noteworthy this month. And come to think of it, I’ve never had any memorably exciting breakfasts. I dream of fries. Sausages. Sunny-side up eggs without any worries of salmonella – the reason my rare egg has been fully cooked for the past, oh, ten years. Maybe scrambled eggs. STRIPPLES! TATER TOTS! PEACHES IN SYRUP! TOAST!!! WITH MARGARINE OR BUTTER ON THE SIDE!! (Yes, despite this morning’s Horrific Greasy Encounter, I DON’T CARE) JUICE!! AND MAYBE EVEN A SLICE OF CHEESECAKE AND FRUIT!

I’m going to go stare at food magazines or something, and imagine that which cannot be.


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