Day 18

November 19, 2008

The missed days have been pretty much the same.

Rice. Avocado (still have the third avocado!). Vegetarian hotdog (the last of which I ate for dinner, today.)

I may have to go buy more bok choy and tofu tomorrow. We’ll see. I’m pretty sure those will hold me over until the last day. Woo!


Day 17

November 18, 2008

Breakfast was … different. A friend offered to buy me breakfast. Hey, that means no money on my part, right? So I said yes. Is this cheating? Maybe, maybe not.

Yes, I’m cheating – I’m not adhering to The Rules. What if I had no generous friends?
No, I’m not cheating – ┬áIf I really didn’t have any money and a friend offered to buy me breakfast, I’d be a fool not to take it.

It was one of those McDonalds breakfast combos: a hash brown patty, a bacon-egg-cheese biscuit, and coffee. I know it was free and all, but it was probably the most disgusting meal I’ve come across. Not because I’ve never tasted it before, but probably because my taste buds aren’t used to it?

The patty was … really greasy. And I could taste the oil, and it was tangy. (Tangy?! How??) The biscuit was hard and oily, and the coffee was really bitter (coffee is bitter to begin with, though…). I’m going to stay away from fast food for a long, long time. When I go back to it, it’ll be because it’s 5 am, I’m on the road, and I need something now. Oh, and the price! $3.99 for that meal. I could’ve bought so much more for the same amount of money. A bag of bok choy ($1.25), a container of tofu ($1.39), and a pack of chicken franks ($0.89 … even though I now hate chicken franks).

It’s lunchtime now, and I don’t feel like eating. I’ve eaten bigger, simpler breakfasts this month, for less money. And that felt much better, or that I didn’t feel at all.

Current wishlist: A satisfying breakfast. None of my breakfasts have been noteworthy this month. And come to think of it, I’ve never had any memorably exciting breakfasts. I dream of fries. Sausages. Sunny-side up eggs without any worries of salmonella – the reason my rare egg has been fully cooked for the past, oh, ten years. Maybe scrambled eggs. STRIPPLES! TATER TOTS! PEACHES IN SYRUP! TOAST!!! WITH MARGARINE OR BUTTER ON THE SIDE!! (Yes, despite this morning’s Horrific Greasy Encounter, I DON’T CARE) JUICE!! AND MAYBE EVEN A SLICE OF CHEESECAKE AND FRUIT!

I’m going to go stare at food magazines or something, and imagine that which cannot be.

Day 16

November 17, 2008

Day 14 was rice, hot sauce, and avocado.

So I went out and bought a 99-cent pack of hotdogs. Despite hating it.

Day 15 was rice, hotdogs, and avocado.

Today is Day 16, and I’ve woken up at noon. Don’t know what I’m going to eat. I feel as if I don’t have to.

Day 14

November 15, 2008


A tiny bit of rice, and a tiny bit of tofu.


Distracted myself for about four hours before finally going around for lunch. Sliced up the last avocado. And so lunch was an eighth of an avocado, rice, and tofu. I should give it a cutesy name or something, at the rate I keep eating this meal. ART? RTA? RAT? TAR? ATR?


November 15, 2008

Amazing! I weighed 50kg (110 lbs) at the beginning of the month. I’m now at 45 kg (99 lbs). How is this even possible? I’ve certainly been eating blandly, but I didn’t think I was eating less. I don’t think I look any different, but then again I don’t have a full-length mirror.

For what it’s worth, I’m 5′ 3″. The last time I was 45 kg, it was 2004. I’m not sure why I know such self-trivia.

Is there much of a difference between my meals, during this month, and before? Not really. I kind of ate the same thing. Except that I would have one more side dish: potatoes in soy sauce, a baked potato, stir-fried something, or maybe even soup. You know, the regular food cooked by a college student who wants the cooking to be over and done with right now. So, nothing fancy. (But then if there’s not much of a difference … how do I explain the weight loss? It’s not like I’ve been exercising. Both then and now.) Oh, and I had bread. Cheese. Milk. Okay, maybe I know where all the weight went.

Also, food blogging (or lack-of-food blogging) is fun. I should continue after The Project ends. If it does. Who knows? These are bad economy times, after all.

Day 13

November 14, 2008


Rice, tofu, and the last of the second avocado. One avocado to go. Should last me about a week.

And yesterday, didn’t get around to making an entry. Here it is, in a nutshell: Rice and tofu. With some hot sauce, because it was way too bland. And this is what it looked like:



Dry cereal. I should get milk. But there’s no room in the budget. I’m hoping I’m getting enough calcium from tofu.


Rice and tofu. I suddenly realize that I need more fiber. Time to cut up the cucumber. Don’t feel like doing it right now, I have no spare storage containers. Tomorrow, maybe. Or a late-night snack of cucumber slices.


This fried tofu deal probably isn’t very healthy. Maybe I should try boiling or steaming. (But then it would be really bland?)

I haven’t been faithfully photographing my meals. Taking a photo of what is essentially the same meal, two or three times a day, isn’t very exciting.

Day 11

November 13, 2008

Brunch was rice, about an eighth of an avocado, and the last of the bok choy (boiled). The combination of freshly boiled bok choy, warm rice, and cold avocado wasn’t that great.

Bought a $1.49 pack of tofu. Four pieces inside.

And then dinner was more rice, another eighth of an avocado, and a quarter of a tofu piece (fried). Rice was a little mushy today. Dinner was really plain.

While I was frying tofu, one of my housemates was warming up a freezer pizza. Smelled awesome, but I didn’t want it. I found myself thinking that it was kind of gross – all that flavor! Too much, too much.

Day 10

November 12, 2008

So I have no more soy milk.


Rice, avocado, hotdog.


Dry cereal, while waiting for rice to cook. And then more rice, avocado, and the last of the hotdogs, I’m sure.


Rice and avocado. FYI, I haven’t been eating an avocado with every meal. Just about an eighth or a fourth.


I think that I could spend a lot less. A bag of rice would last me more than a month. A bag of bok choy each week ($1.25 x 4), a box of cereal and a carton of milk every two weeks, and then a $2 or $3 item each week, to go with the rice. That would be the Absolute Minimum, I think. Maybe I should do that in December.

Also. While watching TV, the food ads look really, really good. But at the same time, they look so … overwhelming. They’re in such enormous amounts, and they glisten with seasonings, dressings, and whatnot. After my semi-plain diet (rice + boiled veg + hotdog), all this highly-seasoned stuff seems kinda gross. I started to taste how salty the hotdog actually was. And right now, I really prefer the plain taste of rice and boiled bok choy. The bok choy is boiled, that’s it. No seasonings, no salt for taste, nothing. I’m surprised that I like it. Me, dislike seasonings?

The newspaper came in with a bunch of grocery store flyers, and a coupon flyer for one of those fast-food chains. I tossed out the coupons, even though they seem to be really good deals and will only be expiring in February. Why? Because I now fully realize (I’ve known before, realized before, but never fully appreciated it) that getting myself full on a home-cooked meal (however badly prepared) is REALLY cheap compared to a $3 fast food item. And the $3 item isn’t enough to fill you up, anyway.

I found myself going through the grocery store sale flyer, though. I used to think I could never decipher those things, and would just keep an eye out for the sale signs around the store. Wow, they have really good stuff for cheap in the flyers. It baffles me why I’ve never done this. I can only chalk it up to laziness.

Haven’t really been taking pictures of all my meals. They’re pretty much the same. All photos so far have been of the same rice, avocado, and hotdog meal. This makes for really boring photoness.

Day 9

November 11, 2008


The last of the milk, but not the last of the cereal. I may have to risk downgrading to real milk (as in cows), but then again I really don’t want the indigestion that goes with it. We’ll see.


Rice, another hot dog, the last of the first avocado, and some bok choy.


I snacked on dry cereal throughout the day. It’s probably why I haven’t been obsessing about food for today. Or maybe I’ve reached the point of less obsession. Hmm. Interesting. I should ponder this.

Day 8

November 9, 2008

I finally have my camera! Found it at the bottom of a boxful of wires, batteries, and whatnot. No idea how it got there.


More of the rice/hotdog/avocado mix. It’s actually pretty good. I think I’ll have it for dinner, too. I’m trying to convince myself that it’s a variation of the California roll.



More of the same.